About Pixled

Pixled is a range of lightweight, indoor-outdoor LED video displays suitable for both rental and permanent installations.

Combining ultra-lightweight design with remarkable price/performance, Pixled removes a number of technical and economical design constraints which have - until now ­­- restricted the use of LED in many projects.

As the industry's lightest LED video display, Pixled simplifies integration and rigging designs considerably. It offers designers unprecedented degrees of creative freedom to integrate LED into designs and locations not considered feasible before. For rental companies, Pixled's lightweight design reduces transport costs significantly. Load-in times are shortened and require less manpower.

Being lightweight and low cost, fortunately, does not mean sacrificing image quality. All Pixled products incorporate 3-in-1 SMD technology, superb color depth and proven reliability.

The Pixled family consists of four product groups: Standard format LED panels, Creative LED products, Creative LED solutions and application specific mechanics.

The LED panel group is comprised of 10+ products with pixel pitches ranging from 6mm to 40mm. The high-resolution end of the product range (6 to 11mm pixel pitch) incorporates Nichia's revolutionary Black LED offering exceptionally deep black levels and outstanding contrast, combined with the Radiant Color Calibration System delivering rich, vibrant video images with perfect uniformity across the entire display surface.

The mid-to-low resolution products (15 to 40mm pixel pitch) feature transparency ratios of 10-57%, opening up a wide range of creative design possibilities without compromising on image quality. With Pixled, designers can now design large, wide-canvas screens and layer video with lighting to create stunning visual 3D-like effects.

The Creative LED solution group consists of off-the-shelf solutions, including rings, circles and cubes. The fourth product group are the Pixled application structures, offering a range of lightweight structures, like center-hung sports cubes, Floor structures or Touring mechanics..

Pixled products feature a modular system specifically designed for easy transportation and quick rigging. With rugged, easy-to-use interlocking systems, standard off-the-shelf data connections (Cat 5 or BNC) and custom designed flightcases, Pixled products can be installed with ease with the minimal amount of manpower. With its extremely bright light output (up to 6,000 NIT) and rugged IP65 rating, the display is ideally suited to withstand the most demanding outdoor environments.